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Quantum Media Systems will deliver First-Run, Newly Released Motion Pictures in coordination with the Motion Picture Studios. We will manage the Content Distribution via Hard-Drive Delivery in advance and automate playback scheduling. Simply tell us what movie, what day, what time and the movie theatre will be ready to enjoy.



Quantum Media Systems will support new and existing Theatre Systems to comply with the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI). We will coordinate with your staff on all aspects of the Movie Theatre Operations. Equipment will be operated on-location as well as remotely by Quantum to ensure smooth operations.


Quantum Media Systems offers System Design and Consulation of all aspects of building a  Commerical-Grade Movie Theatre including Projections, System, Surround Systems, Seating Systems, and Acoustics. Specializing in the latest in Ultra High Definition (4K) with High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Immersive Audio Surround (DOLBY ATMOS).


Quantum Movie Experience

Quantum Media Systems presents.............
First-Run Newly Released Movies

Quantum Movie Experience

Quantum Movie Experience

Quantum Movie Experience

First-Run Newly Released Movies for Resorts & Cruise Ships

Quantum Media Systems is the only company that can provide Resorts & Cruise Ships with access to the full menu of digitally mastered movies, including First Run Movies and Classic Titles, because of our Special Agreements with the Motion Picture Studios.